It is well known that Vietnam is a country that has been spoiled by nature. From north to south, the country measures nearly 2000 km, with about 3260 km of coastline. In short, this geography offers the country a variety of landscapes, fauna and flora that are quite exceptional. In Vietnam, you can find everything from mountains, jungle, pine forests, swamps and much more! So the easiest way to discover all this biodiversity and variety of landscapes is to visit Vietnam through its natural parks. And since it is necessary to make a small selection, we have selected 7 parks for you. It is not a perfect list, nor a top; you just have to make your choice or even add it to our little list!

Ba Be Natural Park

Ba Be Natural Park is located in northern Vietnam, including the country's largest natural lake, formed nearly 200 million years ago. The limestone cliffs and the primary forest that surrounds it, make it a place in its own right to enjoy a few days of calm and swimming to cool down during the hot weather. Ba Be Natural Park is located about 230km from Hanoi, about 5 hours by car.

Phong Nha Natural Park

Phong Nha is undoubtedly the pearl of Vietnam. This park located in the centre of the country is known for its superb caves, including the Son Doong cave, one of the largest in the world. Phong Nha and its network of caves of more than 126km are classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2011. Lovers of trekking, wilderness camping and adventure travel will simply be delighted by this park!

Pu Luong

The Pu Luong Nature Park or rather the Pu Luong Nature Reserve is a rough diamond. Although its name is beginning to echo and eco lodges are beginning to flourish in the region, Pu Luong is one of those places where you can still discover an authentic Vietnam. The Thai and Muong ethnic groups live in this region and cultivate terraced rice fields in the valley. Located less than 4 hours away by road, it is a perfect choice for those who do not have time to travel to the far north but who still want to enjoy a night with a local and a trek in the heart of the Vietnamese countryside.

Cat Ba

Cat Ba Natural Park is located a few kilometres from the famous Halong Bay. Cat Ba is actually an island, the largest of the thousands of islands in the bay. Beyond its natural beauty and biodiversity, this natural park is also unique for its history. Indeed, Cat Ba has always been a strategic point, so there are many remains including the fort of the gun which offers an incredible view of the surroundings of Cat Ba. Its inhabitants and their way of life is also a curiosity of the park, especially the floating fishing villages.

Bach Ma Natural Park

Bach Ma Natural Park is located a few kilometres from Hue. The natural value of Bach Ma has been known for a long time. Indeed, the park has been protected under different statutes since 1937, when it became a climate station of the French colonial administration in Da Nang (formerly known as Tourane). The Bach Natural Park is home to many animal species including primates and deer and plants (there are nearly 1400 of them).

Cuc Phuong

Cuc Phuong is the first park to be designated as a national park by Ho-Chi-Minh himself in 1962. The president then declared "The forest is gold". This quote makes sense for Cuc Phuong Park, where there are monkeys, gibbons, lorises, porcupines and it is even said that there are still leopards in the park. In short, Cuc Phuong is gold and this natural park is largely underestimated! And icing on the cake, it's only a little over two hours from Hanoi!

Cat Tien Natural Park

Cat Tien Natural Park is located in southern Vietnam, about 150km from Ho Chi Minh City. It has one of the largest tropical forests in Vietnam, but also a superb bamboo forest. Unlike the other parks mentioned above, the Cat Tien Natural Park is more tropical. Among the animals that can be crossed are crocodiles, primates, pythons and even... nebulous panthers!