Nowadays, people are increasingly travelling, but we all need to stay connected more than ever. One way to save money when travelling is to use Wifi calls. If you are not familiar with this option, we present in this article all the details you need.

What is a Wifi call?

Although many people are not familiar with Wifi calls, in reality they have been around for a few years now. In short, Wifi calling allow you to make calls using a Wifi (or 4G) connection instead of using a traditional telephone network. Visit for further more information about WiFi calling. Many applications also allow you to make calls via Wifi. As most people know Skype, perhaps the best way to make people understand what Wifi calls are is to use this popular application as an example.

Can I use Wifi calls?

Wifi calls are already activated on most modern smartphones. Apple was among the pioneers, starting with the iPhone 6 when it was launched in 2014; all iPhones since then have had this option pre-installed. Now, most Android phones also offer the ability to use Wifi calls - although details about which phones can use it depend on the model you own as well as your country and operator. In which countries can it be activated and which mobile operators offer it? If you have a Wifi smartphone, you can use it anywhere you can connect via Wifi or 4G. However, not all countries and operators offer the possibility to make Wifi calls directly from your phone. See this article for more country-specific information on this subject. Also remember that some countries (including China, Vietnam, North Korea and Cuba) block the use of Wi-Fi calls, so if you travel to these countries, you will not be able to use them, even if you have a Wi-Fi connection.