The Yaeyama archipelago consists of a group of about ten small inhabited islands and in its surroundings, deserted islands, attached to Okinawa. These islands are true tropical paradises and of course they offer white sandy beaches and maritime activities. Among the latter, the island of Iriomote, the second largest island in Okinawa. 90% of which is composed of forests, various circuits in the abundant nature of Iriomote including kayaking, fishing, sailing or even hiking can be experienced. The island is also a popular destination for diving enthusiasts (or not) because of its beautiful reefs. Indeed, Japan's largest coral reefs extend between the island of Iriomote and Ishigaki. Finally, the island is home to a rare, protected but threatened area of wild cat, the Iriomote cat, of which it has become the symbol. The probability of seeing this animal during your trip is low (this species has less than 100 individuals) but not impossible, with a little luck. The most beautiful fireworks of the summer holidays (Kyushu Island) This is the last part of the most beautiful and popular fireworks displays taking place in Kyushu and on Okinawa Island.

Kagoshima Prefecture

- Satsumasendai City Fireworks: This will be the 66th edition of the Satsumasendai City Fireworks, shot along the Sendai River. More than 13,000 fires are being set for an event that attracted less than 100,000 people last year. It will take place this year, on Saturday, August 16, 2014, from 7:40 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. and will be postponed to Tuesday, August 19 in case of bad weather. - The fireworks of the city of Kagoshima: Shot from Kinko Bay, it is the most important event (in terms of fireworks) in Kyushu. Celebrating the 14th edition, more than 15,000 fires will fly through the air to the delight of the 130,000 spectators expected (figure from 2013). It will take place on Saturday, August 23rd, from 7:30pm to 8:40pm.

The island of Okinawa

- The fireworks of the city of Urasoe: it closes the 37th edition of the Urasoe Festival. Far from being Okinawa's most important summer festival, however, it focuses on local culture. Karaoke, Sumo competition, music... will be there. You can find the festival program here: The fireworks will be fired on Sunday, July 20, starting at 8:45 p. m. - The fireworks of the city of Nago: the fires are fired from the port of Nago. It is a small fireworks display over the duration (about 15 minutes) but which gathers 100,000 people for about 1,000 fireworks.