Finding a WiFi solution to stay connected while travelling has now become a major issue for all travellers, regardless of the length and purpose of their stay. We have thus identified the most effective solutions to stay connected, while remaining relaxed, during your stay in Italy:

Rent a WiFi pocket in Italy

If you want a solution that will allow you to stay connected throughout the day and your journey, renting a pocket WiFi is the best solution. These small portable WiFi boxes provide you with a private broadband connection network, which guarantees data security and very good performance. They follow you everywhere and offer you WiFi access "like at home". Visit for further more information about pocket WiFi in Italy. You also keep your SIM card in your phone and you can still be reached on your usual number.

Buy a SIM card in Italy

If you want a solution that allows you to use the Internet as if you were at home, you can buy a SIM card from a local operator and place it in your phone. You will thus have a new telephone number and you will be able to make calls and surf the Internet at local rates, which are often very advantageous compared to roaming charges. However, this solution prevents you from using your original SIM card at the same time and you will no longer be reachable on your usual phone number.

Use your phone plan

You can continue to use your usual plan abroad to call and connect to the Internet. However, beware of exceeding fixed prices called roaming fees, which are charged per byte and can therefore very quickly be astronomical. Some operators offer special packages or options to choose when travelling abroad, but this solution remains relatively expensive.

Find a public WiFi in Italy

If you stay in a hotel, you should probably have access to WiFi, but be careful, as it can be charged for depending on the establishment, and be limited to a part of the hotel only (example: reception hall or some high-end rooms). You can thus be satisfied with this access to connect in the evening when you return from your excursions. You can also enjoy outside the private WiFi access offered by the restaurants, cafes, bars you will meet on your way. Attention, access to these WiFi networks may require the purchase of local consumption, and may be limited in time (example: one hour). If you are lucky enough to travel to a major Italian city such as Rome, Milan, Turin or Naples, some offer public Wi-Fi access in a few busy places. All you have to do is connect to the public WiFi and register on the dedicated platform. A minor drawback is that you have to stay in place to keep the network access. Be careful, however, the flow is very limited and can very quickly be saturated if too many people try to connect at the same time as you. Also pay attention to the security of your data when you are connected to a public network. Do not visit high-risk websites (banking, insurance) and do not share your personal data.